My live performances always start out as a collection of images, feelings, wants and prayers that coagulate and accumulate, collecting like leaves, sticks and litter on a watercourse, damming up until they are expressed, released and flushed away, allowing new energy to flow and letting life carry on.




Performance with my daughter at the Equus Gallery on the Cavalli Estate. September 2015


A boat called "Me"



One woman show with 10 paper boats and a rope; expressed with movement, dance

and voice. Première at the Darling Voorkamerfest 2014.


Song of intent



Performance during the Pieces and Puzzles exhibition at the Lovell Gallery in Cape Town.

September 2013.

I rhythmically chisel a groove into a plank while singing to the rhythm of my work.


I am a Tree

Performance at David Straus' house in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town as part of the 2013 Spier Secret Food and Wine Festival Conference.

Rain Dance

Dance at the opening of the Angels exhibition 2011 at Grand Provence Gallery in Franschhoek.

Water sprays like wings to free the being from a crust of dry clay.


While I sing a lullaby, my breasts are emptied out... salt spills onto the table. This work is about nourishing, caring, giving and ageing.


Performance carried out by the participating artists in the one day only, group exhibition at the Mullineux Wine Cellar in Riebeek Kasteel 2010.


Music: "Lullaby" by Mr.Cat and the Jackel.

I use two red hair dryers to send my hair into a lyrical dance of unpredictable, wild abandon.

Performed at the Spier Contemporary exhibition 2010 in Cape Town.

What artists want

I could not resist lying on my balcony and having the sun rise out of my ass...

Music by my friend Cliff Perusset, with David Wickham on bells and myself on cello.

Draw a line

This is a performance video.

I place myself in 3 frequented areas in my home - The Kitchen, the bedroom and the lounge.

Each time I draw a line in my environment that I then cross with no noticeable consequence.

Do the "waiting for the bus" dance

Image on the inside of a bus shelter in Huntly, Scotland.


Created during a residency at Deveron Arts in 2009.

Anybody waiting for the bus can entertain themselves by doing these simple actions that make up the dance.